presents software and art projects by daniel fischer/turing and friends. send mail to [address hidden].
echo & narziss is a dance performance utilizing computer vision technology to translate the eternal legend about echo's futile love to narcissus to our contemporary artistic vocabulary.
taking the desktop metaphor literally, the SpielTisch researches contactless interaction methods for games and other playful experiments within a prototypical setup.
the Traffiquarium is an ambient installation that visualizes network traffic at CyberPipe, Ljubljana.
------------ hack line. do not cross. ------------
The xinf project aims to provide a unified platform for cross-runtime GUI development. It will enable you to develop graphical interfaces and "rich internet applications" that run on the Adobe Flash Player, within web browsers supporting JavaScript, and on a cross-platform player ("xinfinity"), built on neko and OpenGL - all that from one and the same codebase.
swfmill can convert SWF from and to an XML-dialect called "swfml", which is closely modeled after the SWF file format, and perform some other useful functions.
pakt integrates GObject-based libraries (eg. GStreamer) in a "live" XML document accessible from network clients.
libWarsaw is a wrapper library to write GStreamer plugins in C++, the Warsaw distribution contains a bunch of my plugins written using libWarsaw.
strive is a protocol, reference library and some utility applications for generating, transmitting and rendering two-dimensional vector graphics.