Pakt is an XML abstraction layer for GObjects. It maintains a server- side tree of glib-like (Gtk, Gnome, etc) objects and provides access methods to manipulate the same (and thereby the running 'application').

Pakt's primary use is to publish GStreamer pipelines, enabling connected clients to monitor and change the element's parameters and the pipeline's structure.


0.4.3 'unknown territory'
* accumulated small changes
* industry-standard works with current ubuntu
* return TRUE in some p_object-derived create()s
* instable-- problems with gst, gtk, probably all over.

Getting Pakt

Warsaw Pakt is released under the LGPL/GPL (depending on the exact component). You are invited to get pakt's source code for free, use it for whatever you want, and (of course) help its development.


Test Server

The test server is currently down, sorry.

Associated Projects

Getting Involved

  • Send any kind of feedback, suggestions, reports of usage, etc, to: dan (at) subsignal (dot) org.
  • Join the mailing list: send an empty mail to


This is all just gibberish to you? Maybe you're looking for the historical Warsaw Pact or the the 70s punk band 'Warsaw Pakt'.

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